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Each year we supervise the growing and harvesting of grapes at the more than 20 vineyards that grow Pinot Noir for Siduri wines. Throughout the year, we work with our growers to establish specific viticulture practices – trellising, canopy management shoot and cluster thinning, etc — for our select blocks. To encourage maximum quality, we purchase all of our grapes by the acre rather than by the ton. By doing this, the grower has a commitment from us regardless of yield, so they are happy to comply with our desire to reduce yields in order to maximize the concentration of flavors in the remaining grapes. This is definitely not the most cost efficient way to buy grapes, but it is the best way to reward our growers for the quality efforts they make on our behalf.

Our goal since day one has been to master Pinot Noir by experimenting with a variety of vineyard sources. The diversity and individuality of all these sites has helped us to learn how to make better wine.

We are very fortunate to source grapes from the finest Pinot Noir growers and vineyards. Each deserves tremendous credit for their contribution to Siduri Wines and we are grateful for the years of learning and friendship that each has brought us.